Monday, 22 February 2016

1st Birthday Crabbiness!!!

By know everyone knows my feelings on birthdays.... to celebrate the heck outta them!!!  But 1st birthdays are even more special... they are ALL ABOUT MOM!  You made it through the first year mommy!!!  You rock!  So go ahead... you deserve every little thing to be just perfect, right down to those co-ordinating toothpicks in the fruit tray you elaborately carved out of a watermelon to look like the boat on the birthday napkins.   (or was that just me????)

Anyways.... this little guy had a GREAT fishy first birthday party!  The crab and octopus on top of the cake were just so plain cute you wanted to eat them right up!  Which you could... it's cake!!!  And for the birthday boy?  (Who, by the way, I am sure was even cuter than his cake)  A co-ordinating cupcake just for him!  To eat... wear... throw... Hey, it's his birthday. He gets to call the shots!

The cake itself was french vanilla with vanilla buttercream.  The number '1' on top was made out of gumpaste and the rest of the embelishments were fondant.


I love everything girly...  These rainbow cupcakes were the second installment of the Unicorn and Rainbow birthday for special girl!!!  Again, they just make you happy... no one could resist smiling at the thought of a rainbow!

To complete the theme the cupcakes themselves were rainbow coloured!

Vanilla Cupcakes in all of the Rainbow Colours!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Boston (Butter)Cream Cupcakes!

Happy  88th Birthday to a former, fantastic firefighter!  These vanilla cupcakes have a boston cream filling with a chocolate buttercream frosting.  I couldn't decide which design I liked the best so I made all of them!

"Pal"entines Day!!!

These little cuties went to my little's Pal-entines party!  Thanks to the most awesome mom ever who hosted and let the big kids go out to dinner!!!

Want to get together and have some Shrex?

So much fun!  A valentine's order for both Valentine's Day and a birthday!  The birthday boy is affectionately known as Shrek... so shrek cupcakes were a definite must!!!  And of course, who is Shrek without his princess and donkey.  :)

For Valentine's Day... I went with fun sprinkles and candy hearts as well as a super cute Bee (mine)!  Both were a french vanilla flavour with buttercream icing.


Thursday, 11 February 2016

I 'Heart' Cupcakes!

Happy birthday cupcakes to some great girls that I very much 'heart'!!!  These feature my NEW double strawberry cream cupcake recipe with cream cheese icing!

Gooooooo Bronco's!!!

Well... I may have picked ALL of the other games wrong, but I picked the last one right.  And that's all that matters, right?  :)  Here are some chocolate celebration cupcakes for the big game.  The footballs are chocolate covered raisins... because you can never have enough chocolate in one bite!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Pretty in Pink... and Bling!

Here is a special cake and matching smash cake for a special little girl's first birthday!!!  She had a big party and wanted to stand out in the crowd with a pretty, sparkly cake fit for a princess.  :)

The cake is french vanilla... my most popular cake flavour!  Very sweet to look at, but not too sweet tasting!  The ruffles ruffled my feathers for a bit... but I love the way it looks!  And the sparkly gum-paste "1" is '1'-of-a-kind.  :)  Mama - what a great design you picked out!

First Birthday Cake with matching pink ombre rosette Smash Cake!

Happy. Just.... happy.

There is nothing about a unicorn that's sad... they just make people happy!!!  That's their job.  My job is to make a little girl's birthday happy with special unicorn cupcakes.  There were 2 1/2 dozen assorted cupcakes with a special, super-sized cupcake just for her!!!

I fell in love with this unicorn... the blushing cheeks just made it for me.  :)

Choo - Choo for You!!!

All aboard for Thomas themed birthday cupcakes!!!  These vanilla and chocolate cupcakes were for a little guy's birthday party.  We wanted a special cupcake just for him... so he got a super-sized Thomas cupcake!

This is his super-special giant Thomas cupcake!  


Frisky First Friday!

These cupcakes were for a local business to help celebrate Owen Sound's downtown businesses 'First Friday' events!  Since it's February, the theme was Frisky!!!

These were half chocolate and half french-vanilla; the logo's were Flasher-esque... I just loved them!  I think I would have loved Flasher fashion. :)

Monday, 1 February 2016

Go Ice Hawks Go!!!

Here are some hockey cupcakes for some pretty awesome girls!  Ice Hawks are currently 1st in their division... and playing in a tournament this weekend.  Let's hope that some french vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream swirls in their jersey colours will help them to keeping having lots of fun!

Go Girls Go!!!