Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Oh, The Places You Will Go!

Preschool Graduation Day
Congrats to all of the Happy Hearts Preschool graduates going to big-kid school in 2 weeks!!!

"Oh, the places you will go!  Today is your day... You're off to great places, you're off and away!  Kids, you'll move mountains.  Today is your day!  Your mountains are waiting, so get on your way!"  - Dr. Seuss

Graduation at 4pm.  Cake afterwards... and it was all gobbled up in just a few minutes.  Soooo... who ate their dinner?!?  lol

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Hakuna Ma'Vodka...

"It means no memories for the rest of your night!!!"

Ok, admit it.  You're singing by now!!!

This was a surprise cake done for a special lion-loving, 30-something niece!  Her aunt was excited about this surprise for a few weeks beforehand and put a lot of thought into the design decision.  :)

Flavours were french vanilla top layer (the smaller one!) and Guinness chocolate cake for the bottom layer.  One for the cake... one for me!

The 2 smaller, slug covered 'smash' cakes were for the birthday girls' 2 little boys.  I LOVED this idea... something special for everyone!  Don't worry... the smash cakes were vanilla.  No need to start the boys on Guinness too early!

Hakuna Ma'Vodka Birthday Cake!

See the giraffe!?!

It's a Gong Show....

In my day the term Gong Show was NOT a sporting term!  Well, not a physical activity minded one, anyways!!!  However, I now know that Gong Show is an elite-ish sports apparel line.  This emblem was made for a 16-year old's birthday cake!  I guess you do grow out of superhero's at some point.  :)

This is fondant based emblem to be used on the birthday cake!

Sweet 16!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Flash... and Friends!

And Rylan turned 4 in a Flash.... !

My little superhero was so excited to have his 1st 'friends' birthday party, and of course, superhero's were the theme!  Flash was his hero of choice for this birthday... but Superman, Iron Man and Captain America are still a close 2nd.

We made capes/masks for all of his 'super-friends' and turned the backyard into a 'Marvel'ous Superhero skills competition course.  Hulk Smash water bottles... Flash Dash, Superhero bean bag toss, Spiderman boxing, Batman breath bubbles, bad-guy bounce and Captain America ring toss!  Just because I am completely neurotic there were superhero-themed snacks too!

Happy Birthday Ry-Guy!!!