Friday, 22 January 2016

Lemon Dreams!!!

Hands down... my new, most favourite cupcakes ever!

What is better than lemon meringue pie? Lemon meringue that you can eat with your hands!!!  These cupcakes are delicious and look darn pretty too.

They are not too sweet and not too tart but a perfect afternoon snack!  They would look lovely on your Easter table... or any table for that matter.  This particular version is gluten-free too!  And don't forget... lemon's are fruit.  So they consitute a food group and are most definitely good for you.  :)

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Sweet Shop(kins)!

Ok, so you know you are a mom of boys when you have no idea what the Shopkins are but you know every TMNT intimately!!!  For this cake I got to see what the other half play with - and I have to say, they are pretty darn cute!  Not surprisingly, my favourite one was the Cupcake Shopkin.  :)

This cake was for a special 7-year old birthday girl!  French vanilla and buttercream... to give them lots of shopping energy!  Because "Once you shop, you can't stop"!!!  The logo is handmade out of fondant.

Now, that's one slogan I whole-heartedly agree with!!!

Friday, 15 January 2016

"I Do"... want to eat cake!!!

This is a small wedding cake for an intimate afternoon wedding.  The toppers are gum-paste peonies - one of my most absolute favourite flowers!  Some day I am going to add fondant ants to make them look even more realistic... but today wasn't that day.  :)
The cake is a classic french vanilla with a rustic buttercream frosting.  It is a surprise... a daughter's gift to her dad... so I really do hope the bride and groom like it!  We're wishing them congratulations and all the best!!!


Pretty as a Pansy

This cake was made for an 82-year old grandma... who I have to say, is the absolute sweetest lady ever!  I have a soft spot for grandmothers, so spent a little extra time with this cake.  The pansies are fondant and the colouring is all painted on!  Some of the leaves and stems are painted as well.  The bow just ties up the package quite nicely!  All in all... I was more than happy with this and so was the birthday girl.  :)

Lemon chiffon cake with a lemon curd filling

Catching up...

Ok - so I haven't been great at posting lately so I have a few more today than normal!

I was feeling festive and wanted to take something both yummy and tasty into the office for Christmas Eve day.  Plus... I had a whole lot of candy canes to use up!!!  This was a new recipe... a 'warm-white spice cake' with a cranberry-orange filling.  (Thanks to my office guinea pigs when it comes to new recipes!) This definitely fit the bill for yummy!!!  The cranberry filling helped to cut the overall sweetness of the cake and gave you a mouthful of festive flavours at the same time!


White Spice Cake with a Cranberry-Orange filling


This year we celebrated NY's kiddie-style.  Chocolate-carrot cupcake & candy parfaits, spider-dog crescent rolls, and mustache tatoo's were on the menu for the day!!!

Yes... those are milk shots with sprinkle rims!!!  We like to celebrate in style.  :)

This next cake was a small chocolate-carrot cake made for a friend.  It paired very nicely with a relaxing night of good company and good wine!!!