Wednesday, 29 July 2015


So... here comes the "capes" part of Capes 'n Cakes!!!  My littlest little is turning 4!!!  He opted for a Flash/Avenger birthday party so of course, what is a superhero party without the capes!  This is obviously his... all ready for some birthday pictures tonight with Chickadee Click!  For the record... I don't like sewing so much.  Feel free to critique the DIY cake, just not the DIY capes!!!  :)

Super, superhero updates to come!  Awesome "Flash & Friends" cake coming this weekend!!!!

So sweet, sweet pea's!

Wired gum paste flowers, all set for a beautiful summer cake!  Wedding or garden party... or both!  Who wants one?!?

Sweet Pea's, Stephanotis, Ivy, Briar Roses and a Star Gazer Lily!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Smash Cake

When my kids were turning one I was either in such a sleep deprived haze or Smash Cakes just hadn't made their way into main stream 1st birthday party craziness.  Looking back now, I feel a little bad I didn't have one (and of course, the pictures!) for my littles.

Here is a sweet little 1st cake for a sweet little boy.  :)
Smash Birthday Cake

So being the slightly neurotic mom that I am I decided that my kiddo's could smash a cake when they turned 5.  How much more fun is it when you know how to smash something properly!!!  Of course, Hulk Smash seemed to be the perfect theme...

Cat in the Hat... knows a lot about that!

Here we go!!!!!  Ok... how many of you are singing the TV show song?  Or is that just me!  Lol.

Hands down.  Most absolute.  Favourite.  Cake.  EVER!  Fish - you make the cake!  

I didn't want to leave this one with the birthday girl... although she more than deserved it!
The book is chocolate cake and the hat is a red and white layered vanilla cake with buttercream filling.  Sorry to disappoint, but the fishbowl is not cake - it was made out of rice krispies.  ;)  Mr. Fish and accessories (candle, plate, water bubbles) are all a fondant/gum paste mix.

Cat in the Hat birthday cake!!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Are you ready to....

Go Go Go Go... on an adventure???  (The thingamajig is up and away!)

The Cat in the Hat is coming... check back this weekend for an amazing Dr. Seuss birthday cake!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Kiss My Bass!!!

My second youngest nephew turns 13 today!!!  Time flies... I've known this guy since he was 4 and he has loved fishing since before even then. This kiddo gives my hubby a run for his money with a fishing pole which totally amuses me!  And, well, it amuses Jakey too.  :)  So only fitting that he gets a fishing cake for his birthday. 

Chocolate Birthday Cake

I was going for a small mouth bass... first time 'painting' on a cake or critter! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!!  May all of your 'fishes' come true!

Beautiful Magnolia Flower...

Oh, how I love this flower.  Looking forward to making at least a few more of these!!!  Check out the 'Cakes I Want to Make' section for magnolia cake ideas!

Gum Paste Magnolia ~ 6 inches

Next up in the floral bouquet is a Peony, Iris and Hibiscus!  Stay tuned....  :)

Sunday, 12 July 2015


For me, Magnolia flowers and Mustang Sally go hand-in-hand.  If you have ever been to New Orleans, you will totally get what I mean!  I was sooooooo excited to learn how to make these gum paste wired flowers - and with a great group of girls and the best teacher ever!!!  Here is a pre-assembly pic...

Check back in a few days for the finished product.  Yayee humidity!  It's taking forever for things to dry . :)

To Have and to Hold!

Fun bachelorette cupcake order this weekend!  Strawberry Margarita cupcakes... mmm, tequila.. and you can use your imagination on the decorating.  lol 

Pictures available upon request.... my mother looks at this blog!!!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Holy birthday cake, Batman!!!

Not much more to say than that... As a mom of 2 young boys, Batman is the be-all and end-all.  Of anything. And everything!!!  I was super excited to do this cake and loved every minute of it!  ... and yes, there is a kick-a$$ cape on the back of the cake!  Because really, what's a cake without a cape!!! A cake after my own blog... hehe.

Batman & Joker Birthday Cake!

Front view with name on bat blacked out...

21st Birthday Cake

Turning 21 is a big deal... you are officially a grown-up!  And your twenties are filled with all of the adult fun and debauchery that is frowned upon once you turn 30.... Oi.  :)

Here's an awesome "Happy 21" cake... I LOVE the requested design! Kudos to mom for finding it!

Pre-gum paste sparkly letter...

Final product!  This might be my favourite cake so far!
Happy 21st Birthday Cake!


It's no secret that I love Paddington... the pub, the beer AND the Bear.  :)  In fact, I went all the way to London to visit my furry friend just last year!

So when I was asked to do a 'Welcome to Canada' cake for friends' family from the UK, I was very, very excited.  I started with my marmalade buddy....and then added a Canadian icon... the beaver along with some maple leaves!  Canada Day was just a few days ago so I was still pumped from all of the red and white celebrating.  :)


And VoilĂ !  Finished product...
Welcome to Canada cake.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Coming soon.....!!!

Paddington Bear comes to Canada!!!  Love, love, love this little guy.  Can't wait to finish the cake!  Check back on Sunday for the finished product...

Paddington Bear... un-assembled!