Tuesday, 30 June 2015

... the Sweetest Thing!

A very sweet, smash cake treat for the sweetest little Supergirl, Warrior Princess and Little Miss known to mankind!!!  Little girl... you stole my heart before you were born and continue to every time I see you!  You have the best smile and your mommy's sense of humour!  Teehee.

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Friday, 26 June 2015

You are my Sunshine!

Sunshine cupcakes... bring on SUMMER!!!  Special cupcakes for end of school year... I absolutely loved this theme and think I now have to have a "sunshine" party at home.  :)  The cake options for this are great, too!!!

Sunshine Cupcake!  See cupcake section for individual cupcakes.  :)

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Bridal Bouquet

One day I had an idea for a very cool, but different kind of cake... one that you don't see a lot of.  A "Bridal Bouquet" cake.  (And for the record, it didn't look anything like this!!!)

But I found out that I am slightly addicted to making (gum paste) calla lilies and roses.  I had an amazing teacher for them!!!  Anyways... this is the finished project and I absolutely love it.  I think I need to dig out some old wedding pics and try one of my bouquet for my next anniversary.  Wouldn't that be a neat 25 or 50 year anniversary cake idea?

Bridal Bouquet Cake

Father's Day

The much anticipated M&M cake!!!  This one was fun to make... but please be warned, a poop-load of M&M's were harmed in the making of this....  :)

Father's Day Cake

And of course... who could resist a cupcake too.  :)  The ultimate cupcake for an ultimate dad!!!

Gravity M&M Cupcake!

Cowabunga Dude!!!

So I really, really, really wanted to do a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake for my oldest son on his 5th birthday.  I had found some really fun cake designs that I knew he would love... but, being almost 5 and knowing everything in the world (!) he decided to challenge me instead - with an Endangered Species cake.  Not the Massassauga Rattler kind... but the new, crude, Canadian cartoon that just started airing in March of this year!  Needless to say... I missed out on the Hero's in a Half Shell!

So when this job came along I was very excited to do it!  Another little guy turning 5... :)  Turtley Awesome!!!
Turtley Awesome birthday cake

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Getting started...

Birthday Cake... make it "pretty"!
Mums & Daises

more Flowers!

Baby Shower (boy) Cake

Dinosaur Birthday Cake - 4 year old!

Congrats on a New Job!  Co-worker cake.

1st Birthday Cake

... with matching Smash Cake
Gum Paste Eeyore!!!

Birthday Cake (name removed) - 5 year old!

Back of Elsa Cake!

'Endangered Species' Birthday Cake - 5 year old!
Back of Cake!

Hulk Smash Cake

Snooker Table Birthday Cake - 1st fondant work!

Baby Girl Shower Cake - gum paste crib on top

Earth Day Flower Cupcakes!

40th Anniversary Cake - Lemon, Gluten Free

Castle Birthday Cake

... based on Game of Thrones castle front