Monday, 21 December 2015

Let It Go.....

A special cake for one of my oldest kiddo's favourite people!  :)   Happy Birthday Peyton!!!  This is both a cake and present.... Elsa is actually a Christmas tree decoration that she can hang on the tree afterwards.  I absolutely love this cake and want this exact one for my birthday next year!  Check out the snowflake snowflake under Elsa's foot!  The blue's are so pretty and the touches of 'snow' everywhere make me want to go outside and play.  Especially if Christoph and Sven are out there with me!!!

French Vanilla 4th Birthday Cake!

Christmas/Birthday Cheer...

Happy Birthday to my Mom... the best-est ever Mom and Grandma!  We love you!!!

French Vanilla & Buttercream 1/2 cake

Friday, 18 December 2015

Oh Christmas Tree....

Ok, so retail therapy is kinda my thing.  And when you combine that with making cakes/tasty creations... I am absolutely hooked!  I found this on sale at my favourite cake store and knew I needed an occasion to make a couple.  So.... the kiddies got to take these cookie trees to their kindergarten classes for the last day of school before Christmas vacation!  Take that Griswald's!!!
Peanut/tree-nut free sugar cookies Christmas trees!

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a dog person... most days I like dogs more than people!  They're cute, cuddley, are always happy to see you and don't care if you're still in yoga pants at lunchtime.  Or lets face reality... dinnertime.  :)  

This particular dalmation-esque puppy dog is so cute you could just eat him up!  Oh wait... you actually can!  He's a purebred white velvet pup with vanilla buttercream.  All parts of the dog are cake... with exception of the ears and tail.

He is stylin' in hot pink - matching the uber-cool birthday decorations perfectly.  There were 2 columns of pink, white and black balloons in front of a hot pink backdrop.  It looked stunning!  What a lucky little birthday girl!

White velvet 3rd birthday cake!